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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Motorola Atrix (NerdGasm)

So at ces, motorla announced the motorola atrix all i had to say at first was meh its a dual core blur phone but now after watching some videos on it NERDGASM that is all i have to say. i think this may replace my nexus one as my daily phone. i mean a dock that turns your tv in to a desktop/media center also there is a laptop dock. it records and plays video back at 720p but after an update it will record and play at 1020p. no news on when its coming out i hope soon and no price announced either, sadly.

 the phone will be powered by a 1930mah battery and a terga 2 processor with 1 gb of ram and 16gb internal storage along with the choose to add up to a 32gb MicroSD card. the screen will have a resolution of 960x540 or as there calling qHD (quarter HD). 

well with the desktop dock/media dock this is where i think made my mind up. it has the full blown firefox browser on it with flash 10.1. plus if you want while the phone is docked you can still pickup and call people. along with the ability to play your games full screen on your tv/monitor/laptop dock.

 the laptop dock is very interesting also with an 11.6" screen full keyboard and large track pad. your phone docks in the back of the device. the device charges your phone and had a 36watthour battery in it. plus there is no storage or fans or any processing going on with it so your lap will not get warm when using it.

Nerdgasm over now i think with my upcoming tax money i will be buying this device with the tv/desktop dock. im hoping its going to run around 500-600 dollars with out contract. for the dock idk maybe 100-150 for the desktop/media dock. now as far as the laptop dock goes that i can see being around 300 dollars but for the money i think that is a good deal.

Motorolas Website

Engadget Video

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